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Historic Photographs

Historic Photographs of the Local Area

William Cummings has compiled and captioned historic photographs of the local area.  The photos in the files below have been organized geographically.  These files continue to be a work-in-progress with many updates posted to the website in August, 2019.  

A complete list with links to each PDF file can be found below.  Enjoy!

Please note that download times will vary.

Dickinson County:
Breen Township (updated 2019)

Breitung Township (updated 2019)

Felch Township (updated 2019)

Norway Township (updated 2019)

Sagola Township (updated 2019)

Waucedah Township (updated 2019)

West Branch Township (updated 2019)

City of Iron Mountain - Stephenson Ave.

City of Iron Mountain - Other Business District Streets
City of Iron Mountain - North Side and Lake Antoine (new addition 2019)
City of Iron Mountain - Schools

City of Kingsford

City of Kingsford - Ford Plant
City of Norway

Pine Mountain Ski Jump and Resort
Menominee Iron Range Mines - Part 1
Menominee Iron Range Mines - Part 2

Menominee Iron Range Mines - Part 3


Neighboring Counties:

Crystal Falls, MI - Iron County (updated 2019)

Iron River, MI - Iron County (updated 2019)

Smaller Settlements - Iron County (new addition 2019)

Stambaugh, MI - Iron County (new addition 2019)

Commonwealth, WI - Florence County (new addition 2019)
Florence, WI - Florence County (updated 2019)

Spread Eagle, WI - Florence County (updated 2019)


Niagara, WI - Marinette County (updated 2019)

The goals of this web page are to make photographs of the Menominee Iron Range with accurate captions available to the public and to provide a growing record of our area's history and heritage for current and future generations.  Individuals with additional information regarding any of these photographs are encouraged to contact William Cummings so that pertinent information can be added to the captions.  Historically significant photographs from Dickinson County, MI, Iron County, MI, Florence County, WI, and northern Marinette County, WI are also welcome additions to the photographs provided here.  Photographs would be copied and the originals would be returned to the owner.  Please send information to wjcummings_47@yahoo.com or bring the information to the desk at the Dickinson County Library.
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