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 The next Friends of the Dickinson County Library meeting is TBD at 6:30 PM.

Who are the Friends of the Dickinson County Library?

The Friends of the Dickinson County Library are a collection of committed, caring individuals who share a common vision of a superior free public library, accessible by all. As a member-supported nonprofit organization, the Friends advocate for the Library and are dedicated to helping the library make information and knowledge accessible to the community it serves. Membership is open to anyone who wishes to support the library.

President: Patty Rose
Secretary: Kathryn Bilgreen
Treasurer: Linda Dufresne

How do the Friends help the library?

The Friends of the Dickinson County Library purchase special materials and equipment for the branches and sponsor numerous programs throughout the year, as well as volunteer their time to help with library programs. They provide money to beautify the courtyard at the Main Library in Iron Mountain, as well as the the Solomonson Branch Library in Norway. Funds are generated by memberships, sale of books, and gifts.

How can I join?

If you are interested in becoming a Friend of the Dickinson County Library, please print a Membership Form from the link below or come into the library and pick one up. Membership forms can be dropped off at the library. Annual dues are $5.00, and the rewards of supporting the library and making a difference in the community are priceless.

Download the Membership Form

Dickinson County Library - (906) 774-1218
Solomonson Branch Library - (906) 563-8617
North Dickinson Branch Library - (906) 542-7230
Email : dcl@dcl-lib.org